The Black Church: Five Ways Sunday School Prepared Me for Life


My parents read to me in the womb (not that I can remember) and continued reading to me and teaching me how to read before I started kindergarten. Sunday School reinforced these reading skills.


In addition to reading support, Mrs. Frances helped me learn to count money. Every Sunday, our class collected $2-$3 for the Sunday School offering. Mrs. Frances made sure the students counted the money. If we had a bill and some change, she would wrap the coins in the bill so we wouldn’t drop it on the way to the offering table. Eventually, I got so good at counting money that I was appointed junior secretary for the Sunday School. I counted and reported on all the money collected from each Sunday School class.

Public Speaking

Like many Black churches, Campground hosted Easter and Christmas programs where the youth recited speeches. Some said their speeches with confidence. Others waited for their mothers to mouth the words or outright say the speech for them. These Easter and Christmas speeches happened twice a year, but weekly, youth public speaking happened during Sunday School. Our Sunday School class had to present the class report to the entire Sunday School, and once a month, the class had to summarize, to everyone who attended Sunday School, what we learned in class that day. Applause always followed this summary.


As I mentioned earlier, I served as junior secretary of the Sunday School. This role taught me to keep records. I was responsible for reporting on total attendance, birthdays, sicknesses, guests, and monies raised. I also presented this report to the entire Sunday School after the classes ended.

Faith Formation

Sunday School helped me process my developing Christian beliefs. We opened the Sunday School class with prayer, and we learned scriptures and Bible stories during class. We also had to say a scripture when we paid our offering in Sunday School as a way to reinforce the biblical text and to teach us to be grateful when giving our time, talent, or treasure.

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