Sunlight — Dedicated to Justin Jones and Justin Pearson

72 Judases magically turned guns into crosses and hung

perfectly placed themselves pointedly in positions of power

smiling sanctimoniously as the blood of children trickles down the barrels and flows into the sandy dirt

where nothing grows

trauma tantalizes tokens who find joy in totalitarianism

Jones and Pearson promise to protect people and get punished for participating in the people’s house.

sunlight seeps through the windows as the hopeful holler, “NO ACTION, NO PEACE” and rays stream through the hallowed halls

hellified hooligans hoot back, “ASSIMILATE, BECOME ONE OF US”

hoping hope wanes and harrowing hollers are hushed

72 duplicitous kisses can’t keep justice from flowing like torrents of water

Sunlight shines in the darkness, and the 72 Judases won’t overcome it.