Capitol Observations: A Secondhand Account of the Insurrection

  • Treasonous flags fly fervently from rafters while attendees pray and salute.
  • Maskless madmen march with blinders on and follow men who mislead them.
  • Parents train children to commit treason rather than teach them to treat others well.
  • Fellas fight for another lost cause and fail miserably. *Heathens climb concrete walls and cause chaos.
  • Cooperative cops take pictures with the crowd.
  • Concerned cops try to control the crowd with little support.
  • Ravenous barbarians break windows and bust through Capitol doors.
  • A seething woman storms the Capitol halls and is hit by a Sig Sauer.
  • Lawmakers and staff leave the meeting and make their way to mysterious meeting places.
  • Lawmakers return, and some Republicans are oblivious to the day’s events and absolve themselves of their responsibility for the day’s occurrences.
  • FBI tries to find fake patriots who failed at fighting a frivolous battle.
  • The legacy of losing continues.

Member of #WEOC Author of Everyday Prayers for Servant Leaders and Montongo Roads. More:

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