Andrea D. Price

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I started traveling when I learned to read

I went to Lorain with Toni

Stamps with Maya

Atlanta with Renita

Knoxville with Nikki

Eatonton with Alice

Eatonville with Zora

Omaha with Roxane

Detroit with Jessica

DeLisle with Jesmyn

Pasadena with Octavia

Enugu with Chimamanda

Chicago with Gwendolyn

New Orleans with…



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Warm floods drown thoughts

Temperatures rise

It’s a heatwave

Air thicker than summer in New Orleans

Divine steam finds each crevice

The pressure rises, the dew point jumps

Higher, Higher, Higher

The warm flood is now a hot river

It flows and flows and flows

Beautifully, until

The pink lily…



Andrea D. Price

Andrea D. Price

Author of Everyday Prayers for Servant Leaders and Montongo Roads #WEOC Rural woman who writes.